Spring Valley Village

The first formal step in Spring Valley becoming a city took place on December 14, 1954, when a petition for incorporation signed by 26 residents was presented to Harris County Judge Bob Casey. This requested the incorporation of the Town of Spring Valley under the provisions of Chapter 11, Title 8, Revised Civil Statutes of Texas, 1925.  In 2007, the name of the city was officially changed from Spring Valley to Spring Valley Village.  As of the census of 2010, there were 3,715 people, 1,368 households, and 1,099 families residing in the city of Spring Valley Village.

The streets of Spring Valley reflect names of families who either owned or developed that area. What is called Westview Drive today was once called Holms Road for the E. J. Holm family. Fries Road, named after Mr. and Mrs. Fries honored a family who owned 1 of several plant nurseries in the area. Beutel Street was named after Mr. and Mrs. Louis Beutel who owned most of the Osborne Survey, which consisted of tracts of land given by Sam Houston to men who served in the army of the Republic of Texas.


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